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Carpet Care Kit

Tapi Carpet Care Kit

Carpet Cleaning Kit

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The Tapi Carpet Care Kit contains the following:

Mild Carpet Shampoo: For water based spills and general cleaning of soiled areas. Simple to use, just pump out a generous amount onto the cloth provided and work into the soiled area using light circular movements. When the cleaned area is completely dry vacuum gently to remove any residual particles.

Oil & Grease Stain Spill Remover: Whether it’s a late night take away, or a morning fry up, oil and grease based spills can present a challenge. That’s where our Oil and Grease Stain Remover comes to the rescue! Just apply product to the sponge provided and applying even pressure, gently blot the affected area.

Tea & Coffee Spill Remover: The nation’s favourite drinks, but these are not friends to our carpets when a spillage occurs, as the tannin can be very difficult to remove. Using our Tea and Coffee spill remover, simply spray onto the affected area, then blot with clean white towel, working from the outside to the centre of large stains.

Carpet Fresh: You’ve removed the stain, the carpet is once again looking great, but sometimes its harder to remover that nasty niff than it was to remove the spill! Finish your spill removal with an application of our Carpet Fresh Product, a pleasant freshener with deodorizing properties.


  • Keep you carpet good as new
  • Remove most household stains