Shimmering Glamour

Love the luxe look? Get started with our Shimmering Glamour carpet trend, the perfect way to satisfy your luxury craving. Our beautifully glittering and sparkly Caress and Eternal carpets will bring a feeling of opulence to your home.

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Silver grey glittery carpet from Tapi Carpets & Floors
Shiny gold leaf paper, inspiration for Tapi’s new luxe carpet range
Charcoal glittery carpet from Tapi Carpets & Floors
Copper and metallic accents are a styling favourite when it comes to the home, why not make a statement with a glamourous, shimmering carpet from Tapi
Stunning silvers provide inspiration for Tapi’s new shimmering glamour carpets and flooring

Metallic magic

Whether you’re looking to the design world or the fashion industry for carpet inspiration, gold and bronze accents are a favourite that is set to last and last. Add a pop of colour with rich and bright tones, or opt for sleek sophistication with stunning silvers for a truly modern, yet effortlessly timeless, take on classic glamour.

Pop into your local Tapi store today to see the full collection, talk to our experts and be inspired!

Classic gold adds a touch of luxury to any interior. Make a statement with a glamourous, shimmering carpet from Tapi Carpets & Floors
A simple brass rice bowl provides inspiration for Tapi’s new shimmering glamour carpet collection
Chrome mushroom brown carpet from Tapi Carpets & Floors
Vibrant sunlight shining on gold glass – perfect inspiration for Tapi’s glittery carpet range

How to choose the right carpet

Choosing a carpet can be confusing. We’re here to help and advise on the flooring to suit your style; just visit a Tapi store or book a free home consultation and we’ll guide you every step of the way. There are a few considerations that will shape our approach, like what sort of ‘bare foot feeling’ you are hoping to achieve, how busy the room will be, and what sort of budget you would like to spend.

bare foot feeling on carpet

Bare foot feeling

There are 4 main types of carpet, depending on the production technique and the yarn treatment. Each carpet type will give you a different kind of ‘bare foot feeling’. This can be enhanced by the thickness of the underlay and the accessories you use. Twist carpets give a comfy and bouncy feeling. Saxony carpets will feel deep and luxurious. Loop piles, also referred to as berber carpets, will give you a flat and firm feeling, while Woven carpets are generally beautiful and bouncy.

girl relaxing on carpet


Twist, Saxony, Loop pile and Woven carpets give a different ‘bare foot feeling’ because they have different surface textures that affect the feel, look and performance. When choosing your carpet it’s a good idea to consider the room and the amount of wear your carpet will get. Are you looking for a hardwearing stair carpet or a softer choice for the bedroom? As a general guide, Twist carpets are the practical choice for the busiest areas of your home and tend to bounce back into shape easily. Saxony carpets are a great choice for bedrooms or areas where you would like a little more depth and luxury. Loop piles provide excellent performance in all areas of the home. Woven axministers are the crème de la crème for all-round longevity.

balls of wool


The yarn adds another dimension to your carpet. Wool and wool rich carpets are warm, natural and remarkably resilient. They are an eco-friendly choice, providing a unique softness and luxury. If you’re looking for a fibre that’s tough and hardwearing, polypropylene is up to the task. It’s also highly stain resistant, durable and easy to clean, so you won’t need to treat it as though you’re treading on eggshells. Nylon is the toughest synthetic carpet fibre and noted for its durability. Nylon carpet is less likely to show indentations after furniture has rested on it, so it looks newer for longer. Nylon carpets can often have designs printed on them.If you’re going to put your carpet through its paces, nylon will have no problem keeping up.

Fancy something a little different?

Take a look at our smooth flooring collections

We’re here to blow a breath of fresh air into the world of carpets and floors. The whole team at Tapi are flooring specialists with a passion for looking down! We love the transformative effect a new floor has on a room, and we’re only happy when you’re absolutely delighted. So if you’re looking for something a little smoother, why not check out our LVT tiles and planks, vinyl or laminate!

Our light and airy showrooms are brimming with modern ideas and inspiration. Our Tapi flooring specialists are ready to welcome you and guide you to the carpet or flooring of your dreams, all at a price that is lower than you’d expect!

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We’ll bring our full carpet and flooring collection to you, even on weekends or evenings. Our home consultants can help you choose your style, test your sub floor, measure, plan and give you a full, no obligation quote absolutely free!

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