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Your chance to be awarded a £250 bonus

Your chance to be awarded a £250 bonus

I have some exciting news for you all that I couldn’t wait to pass on: this information could generate you a bonus of £250!  All you have to do is successfully recommend a new fitting partner to work with us at Tapi*. 
Our aspiration is to continue growing at some pace and so we need to increase our fitting capacity with even more quality partners. At Tapi, we've successfully grown sales through recommendations from happy customers. So who better to ask when we need more fitting partners? With so many of you as shareholders, we know you will only put forward quality tradespeople with the same work ethic and high standards as yourselves. 
Added to this we offer good rates and ensure you are paid on the day of install so there’s no delay to payments. We are therefore asking you to consider getting in touch with colleagues who do not currently provide a fitting service for Tapi. 
To ensure you qualify for the bonus of £250, please ask the fitting partner you are recommending to email [email protected] with the following information:

Their contact details including email, a mobile phone number and address.

* The geographic areas where you are able to work.

* The flooring types and areas you are competent to fit:  e.g. carpet, HSL, laminate, luxury vinyl tile, cushion vinyl, engineered wood / hardwood flooring, any others applicable.

* The number of years’ experience in fitting (of each type where applicable).

* Your name as the Fitting Partner that has recommended them.

* Please take a moment to read the terms and conditions below.
I hope you will share this excellent opportunity with colleagues in your fitting community and we look forward to hearing from them very soon. 
Stay safe and keep well
Martin Harris
Tapi Carpets & Floors
Terms and Conditions
1. The fitting partner must complete a full 3-month probationary period before an award can be deemed to be payable.
2. If the fitting partner has previously worked with us, there must be a 3-month gap between leaving us and recommencement in order to satisfy the qualification period.
3. All company guidelines including the Fitting Partner’s customer service requirements, our health and safety policies and procedures as well as any relevant PPE requirements must be followed and adhered to at all times.
4. All relevant documentation & devices needed must be available upon commencement e.g. mobile payment device, valid insurance liability certificate, damp meter detection device etc.
5. The full amount of the award is only payable when a fitting partner provides us with 5 day coverage each week or where the fitting partner fits LVT, a period of 4 days will be deemed acceptable.  If the fitting partner is accepted and is considered part-time then

we’ll award a pro-rata amount, so if your referral provides one day per week, you’ll receive £50. 

6. Either the Regional Sales Manager or Divisional Director must provide approval before an award is paid.
7. The fitting partner must be competent in their own right, therefore, apprentices of fitting partners are specifically excluded from the scheme.
8. The fitting partner cannot have previously been ‘banned’ or ‘blacklisted’ from working for Tapi.
9. This offer ends at close of business on 31st October 2020.
10. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer with immediate effect.  We will communicate this to you via email however, a fitting partner who has been confirmed as having recommended an applicant who applied before the effective withdrawal date will still be considered eligible for the award.